Why Do Some White Chicagoans Live 30 Years Longer Than Their Black Counterparts?

Jun. 24, 2019

Ayana Byrd

Color Lines

The neighborhoods of Chicago share the same skyline, mayor, area codes and police force—yet a new study shows that life expectancy is drastically influenced by where one lives in the city.

recent analysis from the Department of Population Health at New York University School of Medicine, using data from the City Health Dashboard, looked at life expectancies throughout Chicago. It found that in Streeterville, which is predominantly wealthy and White, Chicagoans can expect to live up to age 90. Conversely, in Englewood—which is majority Black and lower-income earning—the life expectancy is just 60.

Researchers determined that this 30-year life expectancy difference is the widest at the city-level nationwide. Based on their data, Washington, D.C. is second (with a gap of 27.5 years) and New York City is third (27.4 years).

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