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The City Health Dashboard is an online data and mapping tool featuring 40+ measures of health, the factors that shape health, and drivers of health equity to help local decision-makers prioritize resources and catalyze improvement. The Dashboard currently includes data for over 900 cities across the US (all cities over 50,000 population plus many smaller cities), and our data and Take Action tools are focused on cities and neighborhoods, helping communities access and use data to create healthier and more equitable places to live.

The core components of the Dashboard are free to all users. In addition, the Dashboard team has the expertise to explore advanced customizations of the Dashboard with partners, including adding smaller cities and measures not currently on the Dashboard. With modest funding, we can work with you to customize your Dashboard view and add data critical to your communities, grantees, and organizations. With custom data resources and support, together we can identify data insights that tell your community’s story. Explore the options below, or we can partner with you to determine the best option for Dashboard customization that fits your budget and meets your needs. We are also happy to jointly explore grant funding opportunities to support customizations.

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Customizations & Features

New Cities: Though our focus has been on cities with populations >50,000, many other smaller communities can benefit from similar data access, and we are ready to support. By partnering with our team, smaller communities can have access to their local health and equity data. Check out our partnership with New Jersey Health Initiatives, where we added data for 10 small cities with populations ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 residents, supporting health improvement work in these communities.

New Geographies: We know that other geographic boundaries besides cities and census tracts are also important for community decision-making. Whether you care about city council districts, wards, school districts, hospital service areas, or regional subdivisions of your state, we can re-calculate many of our metrics for these other geographies.

New Metrics: Some communities have locally-collected data but lack the ability to systematically visualize these measures in an accessible and empowering way. We can incorporate new metrics specific to your community or area of focus to help build community power to create change.

New Insights: Moving beyond the data, we can co-create data-driven insight reports to support local policy priorities or advocacy initiatives to improve equity. This can include tailored analysis of demographic patterns, investigating how measures change over time and across neighborhoods, and even connecting you to resources to spark collaboration around the issues that matter.


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Small and midsize cities, state and regional foundations, health systems, and many others can use data to identify racial or geographic disparities, drive equitable resource allocation, make evidence-based decisions, and more. Connect with us today to learn how the City Health Dashboard can support your data-driven work to create healthier and more equitable communities.