Get Inspired with the New City Health Dashboard Website!

Jul. 12, 2021

City Health Dashboard

Over the last three years, the City Health Dashboard has grown and evolved to continue meeting the needs of cities and users across the country. We are committed to this growth so that you can rely on the Dashboard to help drive change and improve health and equity in your communities. We've been hard at work on some updates to support your data journey including streamlining site navigation, refreshing the homepage, and featuring how others are using the data, which we hope will make it easier and more intuitive to find what you need on the site – and be inspired to drive change wherever you are!

Read on to learn what else is new and exciting.

Impact Stories

Dashboard users often ask: “how are other people using the Dashboard in their city?” We’ve found that sharing examples of how users have moved from data to action to improve health can help turn the lights on for what’s possible in other communities. Now you can find Impact Stories on the site and easily see how cities and organizations across the country are using the Dashboard to engage with communities, target investments, build data capacity, and more.

Read inspiring stories of how others are using the Dashboard here, and send us your own story!

Partner With Us

The Dashboard team has the expertise to explore advanced customizations of the Dashboard with funders and partners and add cities of any size even those not currently on the Dashboard. Our new Partner With Us page outlines the ways we can work together to customize your Dashboard view with new cities, metrics, or geographies for your communities, grantees, and organizations. With our custom data resources and support, together we can identify data insights that tell your community’s story.

Learn more about partnerships with the City Health Dashboard here.


From conferences to webinars to Virtual Office Hours, our new Events page is your one-stop-shop for finding opportunities to engage with the Dashboard team. This page will have all of the information you need to learn about and register for events hosted by us or partners.

See what we’re up to over the next few months and explore upcoming events here.

Research & Reports

Our team has been using the Dashboard’s downloadable data for research and we are committed to adding to the knowledge base about urban health, the social determinants of health (like this study for example), and spatial epidemiology. Our new Research & Reports page will collect peer-reviewed articles, reports, journal publications, and data visualizations that our team produces to support and guide your work to improve health and equity.

Review our emerging research, key findings, and data insights here.

You’ll still find all the great data, maps and Take Action resources on the site, but we cannot wait for you to start exploring these new and improved features and content. Let us know what you think by connecting with us on Twitter and LinkedIn or emailing us at [email protected]!

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