‘Dashboard’ spells out the health of 500 cities — including several in Georgia

May 18, 2018

Andy Miller and Naomi Thomas

Georgia Health News

How healthy is your city?

A newly released “City Health Dashboard’’ tracks 36 measures affecting health for the 500 largest U.S. cities – those with populations of about 66,000 or more.

In Georgia, 11 cities were measured on factors ranging from education and poverty to their rates of chronic diseases and their walkability.

The report was produced by the New York University School of Medicine’s Department of Population Health.

“What we’ve tried to do is bring together measures of health and drivers of health to motivate change and health improvement,” said Dr. Marc Gourevitch, of NYU School of Medicine.

“A number of education factors are key to producing health later on in life,’’ he said, adding that “poverty is just a huge driver of health outcomes.’’

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