Six New Cities Selected to Address Root Causes of Poor Health

Oct. 29, 2019

NLC Staff

To address the root causes of poor health in American Cities, NLC is pleased to announce our 2019 cohort in the new Cities of Opportunity: Healthy People, Thriving Communities Initiative.

This effort builds on the success and experiences of the Cities of Opportunity pilot, made possible with generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In the coming year, six city teams will build holistic, sustainable and equitable solutions to advance policy and systems changes that address underlying factors that affect their residents’ health and their cities’ wellbeing.

The six participating cities selected through a competitive application process are Dubuque, Iowa; Duluth Minnesota; Evanston, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada; Napa, California; and South Fulton, Georgia.

Varying in population sizes and spanning geographic regions of the country, each of these cities is well-positioned to take a holistic approach to address multiple factors that affect health, with a focus on housing, economic opportunity, and city planning and design. They are passionate about advancing equity and opportunity in their communities and want to engage more deeply with community residents.

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