Towards Racial Justice and Health Equity: A Note from the Dashboard

Jun. 3, 2020

City Health Dashboard

To our community of users,

The City Health Dashboard team joins communities across the U.S. in grief and anger.  The murder of George Floyd, and others, gives vivid and tragic voice to the data we share through the Dashboard that is often cloaked in terms of lower life expectancy, and higher rates of diabetes and maternal mortality in Black communities. As a data tool and resource, the City Health Dashboard is inherently interested in uncovering disparities. At a time when the Black community and people of color are experiencing more exposure to COVID-19, this communal trauma only adds pain and grief. Our team acknowledges these historic and current injustices, we are listening, and we hope this moment of awakening leads to new and sustained correction of longstanding inequities.


The City Health Dashboard team

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