New Video Series: Moving from Data to Action

Jul. 1, 2021

City Health Dashboard

The City Health Dashboard has a wealth of data and visualizations to help city and community leaders spark positive change in health and well-being. Seeing data visually and geographically helps us comprehend the numbers in new ways – a picture’s worth a thousand words after all. And if pictures and graphics are so valuable, videos are even better, right?

Well now, for those looking to explain why and how to use the tools and resources offered on the Dashboard, we have new videos that make it easier to inspire you and your collaborators. You can see how Donna, Chris, Ann, and Leslie use the Dashboard to move from data to action in their fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana.

Meet Donna, a community coalition leader. Donna explores the City Health Dashboard’s data and demographic breakdowns in order to better understand equitable access to healthy foods across the town’s neighborhoods.

Meet Chris, a City Manager. Chris wants to improve housing access and affordability, so he uses the Dashboard’s Compare Metrics feature to zero in on areas of the community that need the most help.

Meet Ann, a Public Health Director. Ann has limited data resources and needs to conduct a community health assessment in her city. The City Health Dashboard helps meet Ann’s data needs and she’s able to use the platform to identify challenges and opportunities in her community.

Meet Leslie, a Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department. Leslie wants to improve access to parks in her city, so she uses the Dashboard’s Compare Cities feature to look up similar cities and reaches out to one city who has high access to parks to learn from their success and how she can implement those lessons in her city.

For smaller cities especially, we hope that these user journeys help inspire new ways of using the City Health Dashboard to improve health.

Check out the new videos and keep an eye out for more in the series. Please share with others, and let us know how you’re moving from data to action in your community.

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